The country's girl group performers 'Mocha Girls' are solid and diehard supporters of the PDP-Laban presidential bet Rodrigo Duterte. Sexy leader Mocha Uson shared her bad experience to those members of the 'YELLOW KEYBOARD WARRIORS.'

Sexy girl group leader was warned by 'YELLOW KEYBOARD WARRIORS'

According to Mocha, the members of the 'YELLOW KEYBOARD WARRIORS' are using facebook fake accounts and mostly are newly created accounts. At first, Mocha ignore those messages and comment on her FB post but eventually they are increasing and getting harsh with their comments.

She said, "Someone warned me that the YELLOW KEYBOARD WARRIORS are monitoring my FB page. I didn't believe it at first." Then added, "Pero napansin ko na parami ng parami ang mga nagcocomment na fake accounts. Kadalasan mga bagong account o yung kagagawa lang na account,"

Someone warned me that the YELLOW KEYBOARD WARRIORS are monitoring my FB page. I didn't believe it at first.

"This is how desperate they are. They have to hire people to make fake accounts. Unlike DDS Duterte Die-hard Supporters, kusang ikinakampanya si Duterte sa kanilang simpleng pamamaraan," Mocha said.

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Mocha explained how those 'YELLOW KEYBOARD WARRIORS' attacked her. She enumerates how they react on her fb post. "Sa bawat post ko, etong mga fake accounts na ito ay magre-react ng mga ganitong klaseng comments:"

1. Ididiin nila na maka-kaliwa si DUTERTE o malapit sa NPA
2. "Ok lang kumampi kay Duterte wag lang sisiraan ang kalaban para wag madisappoint ang ibang tao"- yan ang kanilang bukang bibig ng mga nagpapanggap na pro-Duterte. Alam kasi nila na walang masisira kay Duterte so gusto nila na wag nalang siraan kandidato nila o ang mga iilang suporters nila.
3. They will attack my sexy image and call me names.

At the end of her statement, Mocha give her reminders to all Duterte supporters and said, "REMEMBER THIS- In all debates, personal attack is a sign of a desperate loser. STICK TO THE ISSUE."

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