The all female dancers group shares the video of Duterte's interview with News5 where he bravely told to the reporters that he is willing to be shot on head if the crime in the country did not solve in just 6-months of his terms if he elected as President of the Philippines.

Duterte willing to be shot on head if crime still not solve in 6-months

The sexy girls group are very supportive to the candidacy of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for 2016 polls. They are always ready to fight and campaign Mayor Duterte even on their shows and gigs.

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Mocha Girls shares the video on News5 and titled her post as "KUNG GUSTO NINYONG BUHAYIN ANG KRIMINAL HUWAG NYONG IBOTO SI DUTERTE".

She also mentioned on her video this messages,"This is the kind of President I want. Hindi yung puro pa-cute at takot sa sasabihin ng mga "HUMAN RIGHTS" advocates at ng Simbahan. Criminals here in the Philippines are no longer afraid of the authorities. Why? Mura lang naman daw ang piyansa. Sa dami na ng kinita nilang pera mula sa mga krimen na ginawa nila eh kayang kaya nilang bayaran ang kanilang piyansa. They can bail themselves out anytime."

"HINDI na BIRO ang krimen sa Pilipinas kaya kailangan natin ng Presidente na kakatakutan ng mga kriminal! If you are a law-abiding citizen then there's nothing to fear when Duterte becomes president," Mocha said.

Watch the video here

BABALA SA KRIMINALPosted by MOCHA USON BLOG on Monday, January 18, 2016

Mayor Duterte is a true person and he boldly told that he is willing to be killed if he didn't do his duty as 'President' if elected. He also said that he was an expert on this kind of job because he was in the business for 22-years.

Duterte said, "Kung gusto nyo buhayin lahat ng kriminal, I would rather not be a president, maghanap na lang kayo ng iba".

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