Davao City is known as one of the safest city in the country. Actually, if you Google this keyword, 'safest city in the philippines,' Davao city was ranked 4th in 349 cities in the World over Seoul Korea and Hongkong. The Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is the leader behind the said city. He is also one of the candidates for the 2016 presidential elections.

Duterte warns public against 'set-up' shabu factory in Davao

Monday, January 25, Mayor Duterte was on command conference of military and police officials where he received the confirmed information regarding to the drug buy-bust operation to a 'fake' shabu factory in Davao. According to him, it was a 'set-up' to embarrass him and to destroy his reputation as a good leader.

During the conference, Duterte said, "There are operatives who are in Davao right now and we suspect they will make rounds of raids here, mag-flood ng shabu, may dala na yan silang shabu kunyari marami ang raids nila, mag-set up ng factory ng shabu. Ngayon alam ko na."

"Kay may sufficient warning kana, do not commit a crime here, do not import shabu," Duterte added.

He continued, "Davao is clean. I can vouch for that. We do not have a laboratory here, but we received reports that they (law enforcement operatives) might fabricate one to discredit me."

Duterte believed that this is also a black and gray propaganda of his enemies. He told to the reporters, "If I see you carrying shabu– whether you are from the military, police or PDEA – to set us up, I’ll kill you."

Mayor Duterte was very sure that there had been no illegal drug laboratories in the city. He said, "The last time they (drug manufacturers) tried it, they all died," he was referring to the 2004 raid on a drug laboratory in the city.

You may also watch the video shared by Mocha Girls together with her thoughts about the issue,

DUTERTE, BINALAAN ANG MGA MAY BALAK MAG-FABRICATE NG DRUG EVIDENCE SA DAVAOMatagal ko ng nababasa sa isang blog ang kumakalat na balita na ito - na may mga matataas na opisyal sa gobyerno ang may balak mag set-up ng DRUG FACILITIES sa DAVAO upang siraan si DUTERTE. Hindi ko ito masyadog binigyan ng pansin dahil hindi pa confirmed ang balitang iyon. At hindi ko lubos maisip na ganun ka-desperado ang ating Gobyerno para lang siraan si DUTERTE. Ngunit ngayon, si DUTERTE na mismo ang nagkumpirma nito. This report is very alarming. Officials in the Government resort to DESPERATE MEASURES in order for their own "candidate" to win. Ayon nga kay Duterte, ito ay kalapastanganan sa mga matitinong PNP at ARMY na nagta-trabaho ng marangal para sa kaayusan ng DAVAO. I-share po natin itong warning ni DUTERTE upang ngayon pa lang ay alam na ng taong bayan na pag may isang malaking DRUG BUST na magaganap sa DAVAO ay ito ay SET-UP ng mga kalaban niya sa pagka PRESIDENTE!
Posted by MOCHA USON BLOG on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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