The popular known Filipino tour guide John Charles Edward "Carlos" Pamintuan Celdran or simply known as 'Carlos Celdran' reacted on the promises of the PDP-Laban president and vice president aspirant on crimes issue in the country.

Filipino tour guide reacted to Duterte & Cayetano promised on wiping out crimes in 6 months

According to the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, they will wipe out drugs, criminality and corruption in the country six months after their election, if ever elected on the 2016 race.

The promises was announced on January 20, at the De La Salle University in a forum sponsored by Globe. Duterte and Cayetano are only the political candidates who attended the forum.

However, they (Duterte & Cayetano) also promised that if they failed, they will immediately resign from their position.

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A day after the forum, Carlos Celdran reacted to Duterte & Cayetano statement on crimes issue. He took his facebook account and give his thoughts about the promised of the two candidates.

Carlos said, "To the two of you. The presidency is not a fucking one issue job. You have also foreign policies, agriculture, tourism, military, climate change. Killing all the shabu dealers of the PH is not what your jobs are about."

"And when you can't fullfill these false promises - which you WON'T, you say you will abandon ship and create a power vaccum? Seriously guys, I've heard the two of you talk bullshit but this takes the fucking cake. #ijusthavetosay  #DuterCayetawhatever"

The 43-years-old tour guide wants to give his side about the said issue. For those who didn't yet know, he is a solid supporters of Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas.

Last year, December 9, he created a tag-name for all Duterte supporters as 'Dutertards'. Then eventually on December 15, he decided to asked forgiveness to all the people he have been hurt because of the word war.

Do you agree with Carlos Celdran? What is your thoughts? Share it below.

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