The popular Filipino tour guide shared his answer from the question of a concern netizen regarding to the upcoming presidential elections 2016. Carlos Celdran boldly said that he will start to explore migrating because all shall be a disaster if it's not Mar Roxas.

Filipino tour guide answers, 'will you not support the next government if Mar Roxas doesn't win?'

Carlos posted on his FB wall the question uttered to him, "Carlos, will you not support the next government if Mar doesn't win?"

He answered, "Who said I won't support the next government? They can do what they want. I'm just going to explore migrating because all shall be a disaster if it's not Mar."

"Not that I like Mar ha. I'm not a blinded die hard fan of his. I refuse to wear yellow and I think he can come up with a better slogan than "Daang Matuwid" - Hey. I just acknowledge that all the other choices are just irrational if not, ridiculous," Celdran added.

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The 43-year-old 'Walk this way' artist also give his thoughts to each presidential candidates for 2016 polls.

He said, "Duterte will fuck up big time. Small town mentality will be his downfall." then he continued, "Miriam had cancer. She is sick. The pressures of MalacaƱang will KILL her and we don't want that."

"Grace Poe has no experience, seems somewhat self-obsessed and delusional, and has far too many greedy people surrounding her. And Binay - well, you what that will be like. That requires no explanation," Carlos said.

He advised the netizen to vote whatever he/she wants, he said, "Sige. Vote for who you want. Just don't regret it one year later once it's all fucked and start whining again on Facebook the way you did with ALL the other past presidents who didn't perform miracles for you."

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