The PDP-Laban presidential bet and tough-talking mayor of Davao City promises not to accept any money of funds from government contractors anymore. Rodrigo Duterte vowed to not accept money and contributions from people and groups who have transactions with government.

Duterte: No to Campaign Funds from Government Contractors

Duterte said, "I will not accept money and contributions from people and groups who have transactions with government because I will have to pay them back with favors when I become president."

This is only one of the many plans of the Davao City Mayor if ever elected as the next president of the Philippines. He addressed this speech on the event happened at Davao City, Jan. 5 and 6 to prepare for the Presidential campaign, according to former North Cotabato Gov. Manny Piñol.

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Mayor Duterte admitted that he was no enough funds for the 2016 elections but he has directed his campaign finance committee members to ensure that campaign contributions would only come from people and groups with no vested interests.

"The presidency is a long shot. We do not have the machinery and we do not have enough funds. But we will not receive money from companies doing business with government," Duterte said.

Then he further explained why he doesn't want to accept money from government contractors, he said, "If I compromise myself, I'd rather not be President. Ayaw ko na may utang ako. The Presidency is not mine to give."

Duterte said, "I don't want to reveal their names but I have just refused contributions from five people, just recently."

According to Piñol, "Duterte's pronouncement on how his campaign finance committee would handle contributions has set a new ethical standard in Philippine politics which is now rife with corruption where candidates accept money from interest groups, criminal syndicates and even drug lords."

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