The veteran OPM singer was reacted on the blind item facebook post made by the popular sexy girl group leader. The "ANTI-DUTERTE NA AKALA MO INOSENTE" FB blog post was created by Mocha Uson on December 3, 2015.

The singer-dancer written the facebook post to defend Davao City Mayor Duterte against the blog post made by a veteran OPM artist who bashing Mayor Duterte and calling him a very immoral

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The blind item was no longer a secret because the target person on that post has reacted and made his own explanation regarding that hot issue.

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APO hiking society member Jim Paredes reacted on the facebook message by Mocha Uson. Then he denied the allegations and clearly said the following statement;

"She made twisted comments about me which I suppose is for the purpose of discrediting me," Paredes said in his post. Then he added, "We are all entitled to our own opinion. My beef with Duterte is human rights."

Paredes also admitted that he invited Mocha Uson for an interview in the year 2012.

"Yes, my interview with you was largely about your sexual persona and you knew it was about that prior to the interview," Paredes said.

“You volunteered a lot of lurid info even without my asking. You like sex and you are proud to be an advocate of free sex. Nothing wrong with that,” he added

"I honestly can’t remember. I can look for the audio. You were very candid, almost bragging," Paredes said.

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