The leader of the sexy girl group in the country 'Mocha Uson' posted her official hot response to APO hiking member Jim Paredes. Mocha pointed out that she's not mentioned any names on her 'Blind Item' and Paredes is not the only famous OPM Artist she have known.

Sexy girl group leader hit back Jim Paredes on Duterte's issue

Uson said on her response to Mr. Paredes,"Here is my response to Mr. Jim Paredes:" "Sir, FYI, you are not the only famous OPM Artist I know who is against Duterte and you are not the only person who interviewed me."

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Mocha Girls is the popular sexy girl group who are campaigning for Duterte's presidential candidacy on 2016 polls. And Mocha Uson is the leader of the said group.

And she's asking Paredes why he reacted so fast about her facebook post on December 4, regarding on the 'Blind Item' with a title of "ANTI-DUTERTE NA AKALA MO INOSENTE." Uson also mentioned that Paredes posted his comment about the issue in less than five hours.

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"The question is why did you react so fast? You've been throwing dirt on DUTERTE's name everyday and yet he doesn't respond to you. Why? Because all of your accusations are baseless. But you, Mr. Paredes, reacted on my FB in less than 5hrs after I posted my "Blind Item" even without me mentioning names," Uson said

She added, "At hindi rin po ako nagmamalinis. Yes, I was a sex blogger for MAXIM magazine which was also published on ABSCBN online. My point on my "Blind Item" post was about this so-called "MORAL PERSON" judging DUTERTE saying he is not worthy to be President because of his immoral values. Yet in reality, this "RIGHTEOUS" man has deep lust for women. And I am just so puzzled why you reacted so fast. Ikaw lang po ba ang may hit song? If not, then why react so fast sir?"

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According to Mocha, even now, she did not tell the identity of the person in her blind item and why Jim Paredes defending himself?

She said,"Even up to now, I never confirmed the identity of my "Blind Item". My question is, Mr. Paredes, why do you react and defend yourself so much?"

Mocha also wants to clear the issue between her and Jim Paredes. She comment this message, "Just to be clear I AM NOT DISSING OR HATING ON MR.PAREDES. What I am trying to say is that those who criticize DUTERTE on moral issue has no Moral Authority themselves so let's not judge him based on morality but by accomplishments. I'm just puzzled why Mr.Jim Paredes reacted so fast."

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