The Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has a solution to ease the traffic congestion in Metro Manila. Both on roads and airports, Duterte's plan to solve the Metro Manila's transportation woes are among his priorities if he becomes president.

Duterte's plan to ease Metro Manila's transportation woes

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport was not capable to handle more number of flights, Duterte said on Sunday, November 29, in a concert event where meant to promote Duterte’s tandem with Senator Alan Peter Cayetano.

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He said, "All the airplanes going to Manila are concentrated there so how can you arrive on time when at any given time there are about 30 passenger airplanes waiting to make the final approach to land? There’s no infrastructure," then added, "You have to have a fast train with two points of entry somewhere in Metro Manila that is not too crowded."

Aside from airports, traffic jam in Metro Manila specially on EDSA was due to the “daily transactions of motor vehicles” and policies like number coding. Because rich families are more likely encourage to buy more cars.

To solve the problems, Duterte wants to buy 30 or 50 more train carriages. In this way, commuters would not have to suffer waiting for the next available vehicles or long lines.

He also plan to put up new train line that will run along Pasig River. And he know that this is a very big overhauls and the government would need money.

His solutions is to borrow money to other country like what late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr done when he was in the position. He said, "I will not hold the money. I will create a high commission. They will be the ones to handle the money."

We all know that this is not so easy plan to ease our country's transpo woes. But Rodrigo Duterte has a plan to solve the traffic congestion both for airports and roads in the Philippines.

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