Local band frontman asked netizens, Who will be your president & vice on 2016?

The very popular local band lead vocalist in the country used his official facebook account to asked his followers and friends about the upcoming elections 2016. Chito Miranda asked netizens, Who will be your president and vice on 2016?

Local band frontman asked netizens, Who will be your president & vice on 2016?

Chito Miranda answered the first question, who will be your president on 2016 polls, He said, "The reason why gusto ko si Duterte, ay dahil umaasa ako na magagawa nya sa buong Pilipinas yung nagawa nya for Davao." 

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Then the second question, who will be your vice president, he said, "For VP naman, gusto ko si Cayetano kasi una, everytime may senate hearing, alam nya (at ni Miriam) yung mga dapat na itanong, and I want a VP that will work together with Duterte instead of working against him."

But before the question and answer portion of Chito Miranda, he advised anyone who will participate in his open forum to not give negative comments to the other candidates.

He said, "Without saying anything negative about the other candidates (and those who will vote for them), sino ang gusto nyo iboto bilang presidente/VP and why?"

And after he answered his own question, he advised again those netizens who will tell their presidential and vice presidential candidates on 2016.

"(again, bawal ang bad vibes. Respeto lang kahit magkaka-iba tayo ng opinion...gawin nating matalino at maayos ang usapan)," according to Chito Miranda.

The reason why he started this kind of question because he wants to know other candidates strong points. He said, " Let's keep it smart and fun. Ok lang mag-argue basta walang bad vibes, ok? Gusto ko lang din kasi malaman yung strong points ng ibang candidates kasi baka makatulong sa decision ko, at ng iba."

Miranda also added a comment on his post and said, "Sarap talaga mag-basa ng comments kapag walang bastos at lahat may respesto kahit magkaka-iba ng opinion. Sana lahat ng FB pages ganito. Lahat matalino at marespeto. Salamat talaga."

His post already have 5.5k likes, love and wow emoticon and 183 shares as of writing this post.

If you will be asked the same questions? Who will be your president/vice for 2016, and why? Share your thoughts below.

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