It was originally posted on the wall of one of the solid supporters of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. She leaves in Davao based on her story and she wants to invite everyone to come in her place to see what Davao City really is.

Open Letter about 'Anti-Duterte posts' on Facebook

Facebook user Jill shared her open letter about the anti-Duterte posts which displayed on her FB wall. She noticed that every negative posts about Duterte was came from to her friends leaving in Metro Manila.

So she decided to write a letter that could make other people mind to stop and think again. Jill posted her open letter on November 30 at 1.12 A.M. It was posted almost 1-month ago and it's truly 'worth sharing' to everyone, specially to those anti-Duterte people.

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Jill said, "I can raise an eyebrow over Leni's remarks that Naga is similar to Davao only because I have been to Naga and while I admire that place for its beauty, good food, great tourist spots, friendly people, it doesn't in any way resemble the infrastructure of Davao. C'mon now."

Open Letter
I have come to a conclusion that most of the anti-Duterte posts that I see on my FB feed are from my "friends(?)" who live in Manila and have not even set foot (not even a toe) on Davao. And I think that's what irks me most. I can raise an eyebrow over Leni's remarks that Naga is similar to Davao only because I have been to Naga and while I admire that place for its beauty, good food, great tourist spots, friendly people, it doesn't in any way resemble the infrastructure of Davao. C'mon now.

So if YOU, my Manila condo-dweller friend who is perenially stuck in traffic and inhaling all the smog from EDSA, have not been here then don't be so cocky because you don't even know what you're missing. I haven't met anyone who's been to Davao and has cursed this city. Come down here and then tell me straight in the eye that this place sucks 100%. This is not a perfect city. It still has its flaws. It is a work in progress. But it's promising. It's growing. And we're all working together to make it better.

I know you are one of those laughing at Davao for claiming to be the 4th Safest City in the World based on some questionable website. Well, we don't really need a website to prove that our city is safe in the first place. Come down here and see for yourself or perhaps we can just show you some stats.
The crime rate is really low. Why? Because we have police visibility, CCTVs installed around the city, and we have a FREE 911 service. Trust me. I have called it a number of times -- one time when I thought a burglar was in my neighbor's yard but turned out to be a dog left out and another time when a videoke party went on beyond the 11pm mark. At both times, 911 responded within 15 minutes. Yes it was THAT FAST. So do I feel safe? YES. I don't need a website to prove that.

Perhaps, the only reason why that faux list went viral is the Filipinos' (note that I didn't say Davaoenos) penchant for claiming petty victories in the international arena. Isn't that everytime a Pinoy wins on American Idol, X-Factor, and all of those contests (kahit na 1/4 Pinoy na lang sya eh) we all celebrate as a nation? News like that are headlines to us next to the Syrian or Spratley crisis. So okay we got TOO EXCITED. Most of us didn't verify the source. We've all been victims of clickbaits. I bet you're guilty too. It is human nature to get overexcited at something that pleases us.

I know there's another faux website claiming that we have the cleanest water. Again, I don't need some website to tell me that I can drink from the tap. We really do have clean water here. I grew up drinking from the tap. I only started drinking purified water when I studied and worked in Manila. But now I'm back in Davao, I have saved a lot because I don't need to buy gallons and gallons of purified water to drink at home.

YOU MAY LAUGH ALL YOU WANT and call us idiots, stupids, Dutertards but personally I don't care because I know you my Manilenyo friend. You already have a jaded heart. I can't blame you though. Chaos is your normal. When I was in Manila and life was hellish, it was a blessing to know that I have another place called home -- Davao. While you are stuck there. You've got nowhere to go.
I am feeling so emotional about your anti-Duterte posts because WE DON'T REALLY WANT TO SHARE HIM WITH YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE. We in Davao are alright. We are okay here.

Do you know why we are supporting our mayor's bid for the presidency because as much as we hate the fact that OUR TAXES are paying for the rickety MRT you ride to work every day (that we don't get to use but thank goodness for that) we also PITY YOU. We believe that the entire Philippines also deserves the kind of governance that we are enjoying here in Davao -- efficient, transparent, not corrupt. If you don't like that then you're a bigger idiot than us.

I know why you're so rattled about Duterte's so-called "disciplinarian" style of leadership. BECAUSE YOU ARE A SPOILED BRAT. Only spoiled brats resent rules. You can't give up your vices for the sake of others. What do you call that? A SELFISH SPOILED BRAT. You think it was also THAT easy for Davaoenos to quit smoking, go home earlier, celebrate the New Year without firecrackers? NO! BUT WE FOLLOWED. Because we believe in the objective. In the same way that Singapore had to strictly enforce rules to make their country get on its feet in the '60s. Simply, we can't have order if nobody wants to follow rules.

We are passionately supporting our mayor because like Frodo who bravely volunteered to carry the burden we are his "Samwise Gamgee". Davaoenos are "chill" people. Like Sam we are okay with our life here in our own Shire called Davao. Food plenty. Air and water clean. Life is here! We don't need all this fuss. Alas, our good friend who has been very good to us have chosen to put an end to THE CURSE. And like Frodo, he is small compared to his enemies. But like Frodo he also has the most noble cause. He has decided to put up a good fight despite his size; despite the size of the task.

I know most of us Davaoenos deep down inside are not THAT thrilled that our beloved mayor has decided to take this risk simply because we don't want someone WE LOVE being hurt. But here we are... facing and taking down enemies for our mayor's sake. Who among the other candidates can claim to have the same kind of supporters? The Davaoenos have left their quiet little corners and even if critics are laughing at us we don't care.

And so even if we don't want this whole grueling journey full of orcs and ring wraiths (black propaganda) along the way, we are with our Frodo -- we are with our Mayor. We believe in his cause. We will fight with him. This run for the presidency is not going to be easy. Because we all know ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY WALK INTO MORDOR. In this case Malacanang. ‪#‎DU30‬ ‪#‎Federalism‬
As of writing this post, Jill's letter already have 40 thousand like, love and happy emoticon and with 22,981 shares on facebook.

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