The all girl group performers leader 'Mocha Uson' was so dismayed on the outcome of her campaigned against the administration and its bet for 2016 race. Mocha used her facebook and twitter to expressed her feelings regarding to the hot issue about 'Sagasa 2016'.

Mocha to Aquino & Roxas: 'Promises are made to be Broken' (Pangakong Napako)

The 'Sagasa 2016' it's a hot serious topic making round over the internet this past few days where the current president of the Philippines, 'Benigno Aquino III' vow to be run over by a train if the LRT 1 Cavite extension project didn't complete before the end of the year 2015.

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On Monday, Malacanang released a statement regarding to that issue and according to the Communications Secretary Herminio "Sonny" Coloma, the "statement (in 2013 should) not be taken literally."

Citing the report from GMA News, "'The President was speaking with a sense of urgency when he announced his desire to see the project 'within two years',' Coloma said. 'Any reasonable person would understand this to have been an aspirational statement. Despite the delays, the government continues to pursue the project,' he added."

And because of this news, Mocha immidiately took her social media accounts and posted the following statemet on Twitter;

"Wag daw nating i-take literally ang pagpapasagasa ni Pnoy. Bt d real issue is he didn't fulfill his promise. Wag nyo ilihis ang issue.Trapo!"

"Puro pangakong napako si Aquino at Roxas. Kya kayong mga naniniwala sa kanila pra kayong mga birhen na naniniwala sa pagibig ng isang puta."

Then on Facebook, Mocha said, "Ang pagpapasagasa ni PNOY ay hindi daw literal. But the real issue here is that he didn't fulfill his promise to the Filipinos. Wag nyong ilihis ang issue dahil ang Aquino Government ay isang TRADITIONAL POLITICIAN na puno ng pangako. At yan ang gustong ipagpatuloy ni Mar Roxas ang TRAPO GOVERNMENT. At kayong mga naniniwala kay MAR ROXAS-para kayong mga birhen na naniniwala sa pagibig ng isang puta. #duterte2016 #tunaynapagbabago"

What do you think on Mocha's statement? Do you agree with her? Share your thougths below.

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