The sexy girl group leader wants to challenge the Liberal Party presidentiable Mar Roxas to answer the PDP-Laban presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte over the Wharton issue and the peace and order of Davao City. Mocha Uson shared the interview video of the Davao City Mayor Duterte on her facebook wall.

Sexy girl group leader challenge Mar Roxas to answer Mayor Duterte

According to the former Interior and Local Government secretary Mar Roxas that Davao is not one of the safest places in the Philippines, its only a 'myth', he used the data from the Philippine National Police where the 18,000 crime incidents were recorded in Davao City in 2014.

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On the said interview video, Mocha Uson posted the video on her facebook account and she put a caption on it saying, "We challenge Mr. MAR ROXAS to answer Mayor DUTERTE. PLEASE SHARE so people will know."

Mayor Duterte said, "Peace and Order ng Davao Myth? I would like to ask the president, ah presidentiable, you claimed to have you graduated from Wharton School of Economics, that is a Myth, you did not graduate to Wharton School of Economics Mr. Roxas."

"Wala doon sa listahan na ikaw nakakompleto ka nang 4 years o 5 years, for a degree, tanungin mo ang Wharton sa School of Economics," he added.

Then Mayor Duterte continuously saying, "Maybe umenroll ka nyang 3-months course, correspondence, I would believe that, pero ikaw na gumadruate na nakatogo show me, itoga na nandun yong ang nanay mo na naghanda, ganun yon, may graduate School of Economics,"

"Tapos sabihin mo sa akin na Myth, What? it is not for you to say that, it is for DavaoeƱos to tell us what is all about, I never claimed to be the author."

"And secondly, bakit sabihin mo the reports that you cited, akala ko ba ikaw yung DILG? kami operations lang, sige dito kayo magpatrol, But all orders and submission I do not have even the copy of the blotter everyday or the journal, ikaw ang yung may hawak ng Pulis, bakit hindi mo Mp!@34@23!*  ang pulis sa Davao, kung talagang mabigat ang krimen, either BINOLA ka ng Pulis mo, ito naman ang ginawa, or you we're treated as a trash by the Police, kaya magpasurvey tayo sa krame, kung manalo ka, magwithdraw ako tapos kakampanyahan kita, ikaw yung nagumpisa eh, ikaw yung nagsabi na may cancer ako."

In the last part of his speech on the video, Duterte said, "ahh pati yung sa Yolanda, I was there Day 2, Mr. Roxas you cannot handle stress that I can tell the Filipino people, huwag kayong magkamali, he cannot handle stress"

One of the concern netizen commented on Mocha Uson post. He was just reposting the comment of the other netizen about the Wharton issue over Mar Roxas. They confirmed that Mayor Duterte's claim is right.

According to the said comment, Mr Mar Roxas is not a Wharton Graduate. You can read the comment on the screengrab photo below.
Sexy girl group leader challenge Mar Roxas to answer Mayor Duterte

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