After Gab Valenciano aired his thoughts through his facebook wall about Davao City Mayor Duterte's morality issue. His brother Paolo Valenciano confirmed that Gab has been receiving death threats.

Paolo confirmed Gab Valenciano got death threats due to anti-Duterte post

Through the micro-blogging networking site, Paolo tweeted the news about the death threats for his brother. Paolo said, "My bro is getting death threats because he does not like Duterte. Ganun ? Iba opinion niya so death threat agad agad ?"

Paolo was also dismayed when he see some comment saying bad words over Gab's wife. He said, "I have very good history with Davao. I consider it one of my top 3 provinces. But I read some davaoeƱos saying "sana ma rape asawa mo" ..."

Paolo also clarified that he was not against Mayor Duterte but he admit also that Duterte is not his first choice to become next President of the Philippines.

Last Sunday, December 6, Gab shared his thoughts on what he read about singer/song writer Kitchie Nadal's revelation about Duterte's 'womanizing' ways.

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Gab also reacts to those netizens who criticizing him on what he wrote on his official facabook account. Many reactions was received, positive and mostly negative but Gab stand to his thoughts and said,

"I stood up and spoke out for what I believe in, and I will not apologize nor back down. So come at me with your garbage, and I will retaliate with my education."

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