The son of the 'Pure Energy' Gary V. shares his thoughts on his Facebook regarding to the behavior of the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Gabriel 'Gab' Valenciano said, "I cannot support his morality."

Gabriel Valenciano: I cannot support Duterte's morality

Gab posted his comments on the OPM singer Kitchie Nadal thoughts on the issue. He said, "Wisdom. Pure wisdom. Respect for Kitchie has quintupled."

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"Would you hire a murderer to look after your kids? Would you invite a thief to look after your home? In this case, would you, who was born and raised a Filipino with the values and morals set and taught to you by past generations, appoint a president who completely rejects the morals we Filipino's are known for? Family. Faith. Tact," Gab added.

He also said, "I'm sorry, but leadership does not justify compromise."

Kitchie Nadal post was deleted on her Facebook page, she said that Duterte should follow or at least respect marital laws. Here's the screengrad from the Wheninmanila about Nadal post.

Gabriel Valenciano: I cannot support Duterte's morality

"Womanizing (not womanizers) has to be condemned and not condoned. This is a serious problem in our country for many generations and the reason why our country has become MATRIARCHAL – mothers have to take all the responsibility of raising whole family, while the husbands womanize with society’s quiet approval."

"It has become part of our culture to think that our leaders’ “private lives” have no lasting impact in society, when the reality is that followers and constituents emulate and follow the lead of their leaders. If ever you are thinking of voting for Mayor Duterte (and I include myself), we should keep in mind that men and women should uphold marital laws as seriously as criminal laws, because family is the very foundation of our society. We should follow these laws for the sake of our children, mothers, and wives – and that means every one of us – because their violation would lead to social chaos."

"Mayor Duterte, with all due respect, If you cannot follow these marital laws for your family, at least respect these laws for the rest of the families of our nation by upholding them still, like how you want us to sacrifice and respect other laws you are upholding no matter how hard it will be for many."

Gabriel Valenciano also said, "This is the sad reality. The Philippines' greatest weakness isn't the government anymore, it's the people who so eagerly, desperately and blindly fall for anything that looks and sounds good. No doubt, Duterte is a leader who leads, and leads well. But what about the model and nature in which that leadership is put across? Doesn't that matter anymore? I respect him for his honesty and eagerness to lead our country back on track,"

"but 'I cannot support his morality'."

Because of his post, Gab earned so many reactions from netizen. So he cleared himself from the issue then he comment out this message, "I am for no one. Sadly," he said. "The issue here isn't about who should be president or who would be better. I made that quite clear. He is a leader, no doubt. Please do not take my opinion out of context. I am speaking about morality and what a true Filipino should stand for."

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