The former president of the Philippines and currently Manila Mayor 'Joseph "Erap" Ejercito Estrada' says that the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has 'no finesse' compared to him.

Erap to Duterte: 'He just copied it from me, he doesn’t have the finesse'

In an interview with STAR editors and reporters, Erap boldly said that "I have finesse when it comes to that," when it comes to have many women in life.

According to their report, Mayor Duterte has been likened by many to Estrada for having many women. Philstar also mentioned that Mayor Duterte are like Mayor Estrada for being not fluent in English. They both also compared for being anti-crime advocates.

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During the interview, Erap said, "My life is an open book and I never hide anything… you (have to) respect women,"

"He just copied it from me, even in terms of chicks (girls). The difference between us is he doesn’t have the finesse,” Erap added.

"I think he(Duterte) is just for local (politics) where he can bully his constituencies. It’s really different in national politics,” Erap said.

He said, "It’s very local. If you are running for president, you should have finesse. He is just copying me but I have finesse."

Joseph 'Erap' Estrada is campaigning his kumpare, Vice President Jejomar Binay, for presidential bet on 2016 race despite that many issues raised against Binay.

Erap said, "Many cases have been thrown at Vice President Binay, but he remained on top. I respect Mar having been one of my best Cabinet members. He was responsible for the proliferation of call centers in our country."

Random Comments

The nerve of this writer to compare Duterte to Estrada. Let me just correct you Ms. Whoever the F**** k You Are, Duterte is fluent in english and is very intelligent in any discussions. You on the other hand should find some time to watch his interviews in order for you to see how good he really is. Sigh** D@mn! I really can't take this bu||$***+! Either this writer was paid or was just born yesterday. Either way this article is nothing more than a piece of %#@p!

This shows that Erap doesn't have a real grasp of national problems.

The problem plaguing the country now are more local in nature, that is to the barangays, municipalities and cities. Thus, DUTERTE is the right choice for presidency because he knows local and he knows the whole paradigm of this country at the national level.

Duterte is the one!

So it's settled then, Duterte is an ape and because Erap has finesse, then he's slightly more evolved which makes him a caveman. But I agree with Erap that Duterte is only good for local politics, not national.

What do you think on the statement thrown by Manila Mayor to Davao City Mayor? Do you agree with him? Share your thoughts below.

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