Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte one of the Presidential aspirant this 2016 race have been viral all through out social medias lately because of how he express himself when he acts and talk towards people, but that does not stop there.

Fireworks no more when Duterte wins in 2016 race

After flagging down some of his platforms, most netizen started to bashed him. One reason is, he wants to replace Algebra, Calculus and Trigonometry to Business Math (Highschool) when he becomes president.

And now, the Mayor stated an additional campaign platform for this coming election. He wants to totally ban selling and using of  firecrackers and pyrotechnic materials nationwide.

This ban had been strictly exercise in his home City that is why if he wins this coming 2016 election, Mayor Duterte wants to implement it to the whole country.

The Mayor said, “Ssssttt… silence. There should be silence. Silent night because Jesus is born. And if you use firecrackers, the baby will cry… do you want Jesus to cry? So it should be silent,” and added, “There can be no  compromise for firecrackers and pyrotechnical materials. I want them banned even on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and all year round.”

Aside from Firecrackers he also wants to ban firing of guns during the holidays especially every New Years eve.

He said, “What goes up must come down… you know that if you are firing your gun in areas where there is a lot of habitation there is always that possibility of killing a human being.”

What would you people see if this platforms be implemented? Would you agree or disagree? Hit it down to the comment section below for your opinions.

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