The Commission on Elections announced on Wednesday, December 23, that the majority of the poll body decided to cancel the appeal of Senator Grace Poe to run in the higher position on 2016 polls.

Poll body voted to cancel Senator Grace Poe's COC in 2016

All commissioners voted in the two cases involving the senator's citizenship and residency requirements. They voted separately, the one handled by the first division and the other by the second division. Both divisions previously ruled against Grace Poe, according to Comelec.

One of the division cited Poe's COC for senator in 2013 wherein Poe wrote she is a resident of the Philippines for "6 years and 6 months." The division said Poe's 10-year residency requirement for a president was not fulfill.

The five commissioners who voted against Sen. Grace Poe from running in presidential position are the following: Al ParreƱo, Luie Guia, Arthur Lim, Rowena Guanzon, and Sheriff Abas.

According to Poe's camp, they will bring the disqualification case to the Supreme Court so that she remains a presidential candidate for 2016 elections.

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