The cultural activist, artist and popular known tour guide in the country raised his white flag over the Duterte People of the Internet. Carlos Celdran has decided to apologize to all affected netizens specially to all Duterte's supporters.

Carlos Celdran raised his white flag to all Duterte's supporters

Celdran admitted that he was tired enough from the issues between him and to the people who are always ready to fight for their bet. He also wants to stop all kinds of hate even the word he created to call or address the supporters of Davao City Mayor Duterte.

He posted his message to his official facebook account and said, "Dear Duterte People of the Internet:"

"I have decided to apologize, full stop. This endless bickering between us has gone on long enough and is helping neither your candidate nor mine as we can see by the telenovela worthy exchange that happened yesterday. "

"As a matter of fact, we've all just wasted a precious week making memes and losing focus."

"So please accept my apologies. I am sorry for losing my temper and offending your sensibilities through the use of name calling. I also do realize that word I used, not only hurts Duterte campaigners, but a marginalized sector of society as well."

Celdran promise not to mentioned the word, "Hence. I shall not repeat the word here at all."

He added, "I only offer a laurel of peace and hope that we can start from scratch. Perhaps from here on, we can discuss real issues in a positive manner. Truth be told, I am an open guy. I really would like to hear more about why you will vote for him aside from his hard hitting image. it would be great if you tell me more about his plan for inclusive mobility (public transportation), the HIV epidemic, and our agreement with the ASEAN integrated economy."

Celdran asked them to answer his message by providing a comment on his wall. He advised, "Leave your answers below. Feel free to include a graphic or a meme but no slurs please. Also, take it easy on the CAPS LOCK."

"Actually, allow me to start this entire campaign all over again. PERIOD."

"From here on, I shall post the election materials and articles of ALL candidates that I deem are relevant or of note. All of them. Of course, I will have a slant towards the Liberal Party but you already know that."

He also placed the url of the article from Rappler in his post and promise that he will begin with an article of his visitor's choice of President. Celdran is waiting for your positive response.

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