The mother of Angelica Jane Yap who also known as ‘Pastillas Girl’ was shot dead in Caloocan City. Her mother name is  Maria Theresa Hernandez who was killed on Sunday evening as reported first by Unang Balita on Monday.

‘Pastillas Girl’ Mom shot dead in Caloocan

According to witnesses, the gun man was wearing a cap, jacket and shorts. It was happened in the corner of Tagaytay Street and Cabatuan Street in Brgy. 131 in Caloocan City.

The victim together with two companions was waiting for their another companion near the eatery when the incident happened at past 9 p.m.

The 43-year-old barangay kagawad Hernandez was shot at the right side of her head then quickly fled toward A. Bonifacio St. in Caloocan aboard a motorcycle. The actual incident was seen on CCTV.

Investigators are now conducting manhunt for the suspect. They also recovered 9mm shells from the crime scene.

Pastillas Girl is hoping for quick justice for her mother and it must be served. Maria Theresa Hernandez was seen on TV under Showtime program to support her daughter.

Condolence to Ms Pastillas Girl and to all Hernandez Family.

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