The official results of Criminologists Licensure Examination for October 2015 has been released. PRC announces that  9,671 out of 29,591 passed the Criminologist Licensure Examination on October 2015. The list of passers and topnotchers are now available here.

October 2015 Criminologist PRC Board Exam Official Results

The members of the Board of Criminology who facilitated the licensure examination are Hon. Ramil G. Gabao, Chairman; Hon. George O. Fernandez and Hon. Ruben A. Sta. Teresa, Members.

PRC and the Board of Criminology scheduled the exam on 17, 18 & 19 of October, in all testing centers nationwide, (Manila, All Regional Offices, Zamboanga, Rosales [Pangasinan], Palawan & Antique.)

PRC advised all repeaters to file your application on or before September 18, 2015 and all first timers; September 25, 2015.

Usually, the official results of Criminologist releases after thirteen (13) working days from the last day of examination.

Alphabetical: October 2015 Criminologist Board Exam Results

List of Passers: A – B – C – D - E

List of Passers:  F – G – H - I - J

List of Passers:  K – L - M - N - O

List of Passers:  P - Q - R - S - T

List of Passers: U – V – W -X - Y - Z

TOP 10 Criminologist Board Exam Passers


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