One of the three wishes by LolaniDora before Alden Richards can do the 'Akyat-Ligaw' is not to touch Yaya Dub in any part of her full-body, vice versa. But Yaya Dub accidentally touch Alden's hand same with her.

Alden Richards and Yaya Dub first 'Hawak Kamay'

While the two lovers are eating, Yaya Dub has been choked and she asked for a glass of water. Alden give it to her by holding by his two hands and Yaya Dub grab it and accidentally hold the hands of Alden and so with him.

This is the second date of the famous spit-screen love team of Eat Bulaga but to touch the hands of each others is the first to happen to AlDub love story in Kalyeserye.

[Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza first picture together]

LolaniDora three wishes are, "Harana, Chicharon Bulaklak and No-Touch"

Image From: LOLANIDORA™ ?@LoIaNidora
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