A certain wedding photo that was taken just recently went viral online, after a couple with most of their guests in the wedding have posed in the photo wearing a white mask.

A Wedding Photo in South Korea scares Netizens online

The photo was taken at their wedding day as just the same the outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) came through in their country.

According to Hwang Myung-Hwan, the couple's wedding plannes who told AFP said that the masks was just a symbol to wish the couple "to live a healthy life."

They handed 200 masks to give to every guests present in the event.Hwang said, "The photo was never meant to fan fears about MERS or scare anyone."

As for the couple, who's name was not mentioned, are still unavailable for any comments.

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Image From: AFP Photo/ Sewing For The Soil
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