Ms. Angelia Ong who was crowned as 2015 Miss Philippines Earth last Sunday, May 31, 2015 got all the reason why she have won on the said beauty contest. She's not just beautiful but also a very intelligent individual which was proven after she answered gracefully in the Q&A portion.

Miss Philippines Earth Question and Answer Portion

Here are the questions from the respective judges of the Miss Philippines Earth 2015 and how the winners managed to answer them intelligently.

In the Q&A portion it was Veteran Singer and Actress, Zsa Zsa Padilla who asked Ong about her views on same sex marriage.

With this, Ong answered confidently saying, “I think it really depends to the person, if he or she believes in sex marriage but for me, if the person feels that he or she needs to be married to show his or her love, then I don’t mind having [same] sex marriage. If you feel that that is love, then so be it.”

Chanel Olive Thomas, won the title Miss Philippines Air 2015 and it was Actress-politician Cristina Romualdez who asked her saying, "What important lesson could young girls like you learn from watching beauty pageants?"

Thomas answered, "Actually, for me, this is my first ever pageant that I've ever done in my life. Never before have I thought I'll ever join one, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something that I thought I'll grow in. I really learned so much, I made so many new friends, so many girls from different walks of life, because I just moved from Australia, and I had the pleasure to join so many girls who I actually related to and I made a sisterhood with. So I really believe, always believe in yourself, don't let self-esteem hold you back, because you are worthy of a beautiful life."

For the Miss Philippines Water 2015, Catherine Joy Marin, it was brass sculptor Michael Cacnio who have thrown the question; "If you could take control over one environmental problem in the country, what will it be and why?"

Marin briefly answered, "Well, that's a tough question. But for me, it will be us, people. Because we have to face the fact that the biggest problem we are facing right now is us, our behaviors. We are causing our own destructions, we are violating our Mother Earth, so we must help each other to understand and to have a heart in helping in saving our earth because we are our only chance. Thank you."

The girl from Siniloan, Laguna native, Carla Angela Valderrama who won the title Miss Philippines Fire 2015 has answered a very sensitive from the Little Earth Angel 2015 winner, Elysha Dinn Rasay; "Gusto kong maging ikaw paglaki ko, ano ang dapat kong gawin?"

Valderrama answered, "Well I remember when I was your age, I don't have a father, and I will teach you on how to become a strong person, because look at me now, I am competing in Miss Philippines Earth of course, and standing in front of thousands of people, showing what I have, and now I am a really strong, and I'll be more stronger. Okay? Good evening."

The next question who was thrown to Jona Sweett who won the title Miss Philippines Eco Tourism 2015 came from a Facebook User named Andre Franz Sibayan.

The question states; “It's a fact that children learn from their parents, so I change the question. What are the things parents can learn from their children?”

However, Sweett wasn't able to finish answering the question on the time alloted for them.

To the five of you. Congrats everyone.

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