On a morning show where she host, Kris Aquino of  'Kris & Bimby TV' told her guest Karla Estrada that she has a plan on moving to the United States by next year.

Kris Aquino to move to U.S. next year?

Aquino said, "Wala na ako dito next year, mare [Karla Estrada]. I will live in America for a year."

Is it only a coincidence that she's planning to leave the country on the last year of her brother's Presidential term? This however was not cleared on that segment of Kris' morning talk show. All she said is that she wanted to leave there for her son Bimby.

She said, "Gusto ko talaga tumira sa America for one year para ma-experience ni Bimb," and added, "Kasi sinabi ko sa kanya na feeling ko mas naging well-rounded akong individual kasi nag-aral ako abroad. Tapos natuto ako lahat ng gawain for myself. Hello, nagugulat nga kayo ang galing kong mag-washing machine."

I guess all Aquino want is Bimby to learn how to be an independent individual and learn for his own.

Kris even answered Estrada's that she won't bare it there.

She answered briefly and said,"Kinaya ko kaya dati and those were the happiest years of my life," referring to the days where she and her Family was in exile in Boston, City in Massachusetts.

Watch Kris Aquino on Kris & Bimby TV episode where she said that she'll leaving to USA:

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