Esquirre Philippines named the award-winning broadcast journalist, Ms. Karen Davila as its "Sexiest Woman Alive" on their May 2015 cover issue.

Karen Davila named 'Sexiest Woman Alive' by a Men's Magazine

In an instagram post by @esquirreph, you will see Davila laughing, a reaction brought by a news from the magazine saying that she's their “sexiest woman alive” for this year.

The said cover photo of a casual looking journalist who wore a black top, hair styled by Jerry Javier and a make-up done by Juan Sarte, was taken by BJ Pascual.

According to Davila, she have worked hard to obtain where she is now and she never thought that she was beautiful.

Davila said in an interview of the magazine, “I read more, wanted to be more articulate than the other girls, worked harder. I felt there were much prettier and more beautiful students than myself, especially in college. And I knew I wasn’t going to be chosen as a partner because I was extremely beautiful, it wasn’t going to work that way."

Davila even said that 'Sexy' is not just all about baring skin, " I think being sensual comes when you are comfortable with yourself.”

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