Less than 1 year now will be seeing ourselves again, sitting in a classroom and thinking who we should vote as the next leader of our country. As the days moves fast, the Commission on Election (Comelec) is preparing all the records of all the registered voters in the Philippines so to avoid election fraud.

COMELEC: 4.3M voters has an incomplete Biometrics records

With this, Comelec listed down 4.3M of Filipinos who are still not completed their biometrics record in the bureau's database, that is why Andres Bautista, Comelec Chairman is asking everyone to spread their campaign piece, "No Bio No Boto."

He said, "People should get involved," and added,  "We need everybody's help to spread the word. So many voters are not going to be eligible to vote without complete biometrics."

Bautista even added that people may help them by simply educating their neighbours. Even youth can contribute on this matter through social medias where most of them are actively engaged.

He said, "By simply informing their neighbours about the need to validate, citizens can contribute a lot in preventing massive voter disenfranchisement in 2016."

So to know if your not yet complete on all of your voting requirements, you may request for a copy of the list at the Office of the Election Officer in their area

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Image From: InterAksyon.com
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