Den Mark Presto was the SUV driver behind the CCTV footage who was caught beating 2 Traffic aids using his gun/pistol after the latter was stopped because he have violated a one-way lane zone last April 29, 2015.

Man who flogged 2 Traffic Enforcers goes to QCPD

Presto was the driver of the Montero SUV who pushed the car door hard which hit the aide two times, after doing that he [Presto] hit the aide with his gun which made the latter run because of fear that Presto may shoot him.

Today, May 7, 2015 Presto voluntarily present himself at the QCPDDirector P/CSupt. Joel Pagdilao at Camp Karingal. Presto did apologized on what he have done but still the police officials has recommended the revocation of his gun license.

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