After the confirmation of Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador's split up weeks ago, Actress Janice De Belen was drag in the issue linking her as the 'cause of the breakup.

Inah Estrada on Janice-Gerald Rumor

With this, the daughter of De Belen, Inah Estrada has finally break her silence via saying that the issue really affected her at first.

Estrada said in an interview, “There will always be rumors. Ang sa akin naman po, even if you’re a good person, there will always be people who will not like you, na mag-i-spread ng rumors. Nu’ng una, naapektuhan talaga ako. It came to a point na papatulan ko na talaga. But then, I told myself na ‘You know it’s not true, there’s no point para patulan.‘ Ganun talaga.”

She even said that Anderson and her Mother are good friends that there's no reason link them together.

She said, “There’s absolutely nothing. Kuya Gerald is my mom’s friend. And he is a very, very good person. Pero hindi rin naman natin maiiwasan na there are people who think maliciously talaga.”

Estrada also said that she's open to see her Mom to fell inlove again 'cause she doesn't to see her grows old alone.

She said, “I don’t want my mom to grow old alone. She’s been through so many heartbreaks na and I don’t want to see her get hurt again so for now, siguro wag na lang muna. I think we’re enough na lang muna for her. But if she wants to find someone, if someone comes along and if that someone is going to treat her really well, no problem.”

Estrada was also asked if she's okay with a younger Man for her Mom, Estrada sincerely answered saying, “Depende siguro. I think if there’s a guy who is younger than my mom who will court her, siyempre he has to get through us first… Kasi kaming magkakapatid we would know naman if the guy is good for my mom or not.”

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