The massive fire in a factory of slippers at Barangay Ugong, Valenzuela City left 72 casualties as of this moment. It was DILG Secretary Mar Roxas who confirmed the numbers of casualties retrieved in the said factory.

Fire in a Factory at Valenzuela City left 72 workers dead

Valenzuela City Mayor, Rex Gatchalian, it's still unconfirmed if there are more people missing or have not yet retrieve from the accident site.

According to a news report, the incident started after a welding equipment that produced sparks had reached a chemical stored nearby explode that causes the fire.

DILG Secretary has requested his department to make a thorough regarding this incident on why this people where trap inside the building.

Roxas said, 'This is extraordinary. Seventy two died. Why were 69 of the 72 fatalities in the second floor? Why were they trapped there?"

The City Fire Marshal of Valenzuela, Superintendent Mel Jose Lagan, said that the building has a sufficient exit points that is why they are now conducting investigations on why was the staff weren't able to get out of the building.

[Watch the actual video of the fire blase on Valenzuela Factory]

One of the staff, Janet Victoriano said that they never have tried the so-called 'Fire drill,' which should be included fire safety standards, it may also be the reason on why there is a high death toll.

Victoriano said, "I had never been involved in a fire drill ever."

Most of the casualties can no longer be identified that is why Mayor Gatchalian tasked his staffs to conduct DNA testing so they can give their remains to their Families.

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Image From: Facebook/Michael Llantos
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