List of Highest paid Athletes worldwide by ESPN

ESPN has just posted their 25 Highest Paid Athletes in the World through their website and on top of all the highest earners are boxing icons Floyd Mayweather and our very own Manny Pacquiao.

List of Highest paid Athletes worldwide by ESPN

Next were football players Messi and Ronaldo who has a close earnings for 2014 and 2015. Followed by Formula racers Vettel and Alonzo with $50M and $40M earnings respectively.

This list were compiled by ESPN's The Magazine 2015 survey. And below are athletes who are on the top list. 

1    Floyd Mayweather (Boxing) - $250M
2    Manny Pacquiao (Boxing) - $150M
3    Lionel Messi (Football) - $56.3M
4    Cristiano Ronaldo (Football) - $50.2M
5    Sebastian Vettel(Formula racer) - $50M
6    Fernando Alonso (Formula racer) - $40M
7    Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Football)    - $35.1M
8    Lewis Hamilton (Formula racer) - $31M
8    Clayton Kershaw (Baseball) - $31M
10    Justin Verlander (Baseball) - $28M
11    Zack Greinke (Baseball) - $27M
12    Wayne Rooney (Football) - $26M
13    Josh Hamilton (Baseball) - $25M
13    Ryan Howard (Baseball) - $25M
13    Cliff Lee (Baseball) - $25M
16    Felix Hernandez (Baseball) - $24.9M
17    Albert Pujols (Baseball) - $24M
17    Robinson Cano (Baseball) - $24M
17    Prince Fielder (Baseball) - $24M
20    Cole Hamels (Baseball) - $23.5M
20    Kobe Bryant (Basketball) - $23.5M
22    Amar'e Stoudemire (Basketball) - $23.4M
23    Joe Johnson (Basketball) - $23.2M
24    Mark Teixeira (Baseball) - $23.1M
25    Joe Mauer (Baseball) - $23M
25    CC Sabathia (Baseball) - $23M

You may get more details of the list through ESPN's website

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