We may really need to be very strict on what we are going to post in any social media's online for it may give us undesirable comments from other people who reads it.

Facebook post made an American Travel Blogger Persona Non Grata in Sorsogon

Today, an American Travel Blogger named Nathan Allen was declared Persona Non Grata in Sorsogon, Philippines because of a post he made in his Blog and Facebook account giving a not-so-good comment about the tourism of the said province.

A part of the article made by Allen says, "Is the Department of Tourism just hiring members of their families who need jobs? I hope not... these people need to ACTUALLY be qualified!"

This is one of the reason why the city government of Sorsogon had finalized the resolution.

A board member of Donsol Sorsogon, Frank Eric Ravanilla was the one who filed the resolution that was later on approved by the council.

According to Ravanilla, what had Allen posted in his article was already seen by many people adding that instead of people/tourist may want to go there may no longer want to go anymore, and because of that people in Donsol may affect the small businesses in the said province.

Some copies of the resolution have been sent to the local Government of Sorsogon, Albay and Masbate so with he U.S. Embassy.

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