Mich Liggayu is the one-half of Youtube couple sensation 'Jamich' where her tandem Jam Sebastian was laid to rest on March 8 at Manila Memorial in Sucat, Parañaque. Now! Mich is in the hot seat because of her video uploaded by her friend and went viral.

Watch Mich Liggayu sings while Jam Sebastian was in critical condition

There's no wrong in singing but there's a right timing and place for it, right? That's why Mich is now called a 'MICHBITCH‬' by this FB page because of her video.

According to the FB page "Paoline Michelle "bitch' Liggayu," the video was all about Mich jamming with her friends inside the room of Jam at the ICU of the St. Lukes Medical Center. While Jam is in the life support and fighting for his life, Mich and her friends are laughing while singing.

As of writing this post, the video already have 1,741,103 views on Facebook. And many netizens are liking and sharing the said video.

Watch the viral video of Mich and judge it for yourself.

The Admin of the said page above said that the original uploader of the viral video was Mich's friend but later deleted it.

We don't know the whole story behind this video but if you watched it until the end, you'll see how Jam's mother tried to stop them specially Mich. What do you think? Cast your opinion and comment below about your insight about this issue.

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Image From: Facebook/michliggayupokpok
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