What a day today? its look like all of the bashers are gathered together and make fun to those celebrities who has many haters online. The Twitter hashtag #TuliNaSiRanz is now trending on Wednesday, April 1, a.k.a 'April Fools Day.'

One of the Chicser member is trending on Twitter (April 1)

Do you know Ranz Kyle? For those who didn't know him, he is one of the popular boy group in the Philippines called "Chicser." This group was first become popular on Youtube then later on the national television.

The 15-year-old singer, dancer and the most popular in the group 'Chicser' is trending on Twitter today. Why Ranz was bashed with this hashtag ' #TuliNaSiRanz'?

Like other trending topics on Twitter such as #RIPKathrynBernardo, #DalagaNaSiRanz and #BinataNaSiRanz, all was created on May 2013.These hashtags are old and someone make it trending again this April 1, 2015.

It's something like a look back from behind scene with funny moments. And all of them are making fun because its 'April Fools Day' today.

Here's are some of tweets from hashtag #TuliNaSiRanz

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Image From: Twitter.com
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