Mich Liggayu of 'Jamich' is now on fire because of this article posted by Manila Link on Good Friday, April 3. According to that website, Mich allegedly said this, "Hindi ko kasalanan na naghanap ako ng iba." 

Mich Liggayu: 'Hindi ko kasalanan na naghanap ako ng iba' is a hoax

This post was created not just to defend the person behind her statement but of course we want to deliver the right and correct news for all. We didn't say that the article on the said website is wrong but if you try to look at the footer of that website, it says, "that is a portal for shocking news around the world. It might be 'satire'. Who knows?"

Here's the full allegedly statement of Mich of Jamich:
"Alam ko po hindi maganda tingnan, alam ko tingin nila mali. Ang sakit nga ng mga sinasabi nila, eh. 'Mich Bitch' daw, ganyan. Malandi daw. Pero 'di nila alam kung gaano kahirap," Mich said. "Hindi ko kasalanan na naghanap ako ng ibang... source, ng pagmamahal... na 'di maibigay sakin ni Jam nung mga times na 'yun."
We tried to locate the source of that statement but unfortunately we can't find it, even the said website didn't put their source. So we come up with this thinking that this post is a hoax or maybe this is part of their April Fools Day post.

Their also another statement that Mich asked and thanked her fans for the support and understanding for her. Here's it says:
"Sa mga fans ko po, sana maging happy na lang kayo for me. Minahal ko naman si Jam. Pero tapos na 'yun, nagpapahinga na siya with God and His angels. Magpasalamat na lang siguro tayo na okay na siya at ako okay na rin. May nagmamahal pa rin sakin. Alam ko gusto ni Jam 'yun."
So guys! it's up to you now how would you accept this article published first from Manilalink. If I were you, please find the original message first before judging the person behind the said satire news.

Reference Source: Link
Image From: manilalink.com
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