As the day past by so fast and as the fight of the century draws near boxing fans across the Globe are all excited for the May 2 bout between the Philippine boxing champ idol and the unbeaten American champ.

In an event wherein medias are free to interview the All-American-Champ Money Maker Floyd Mayweather Jr. they noticed that he's wearing a black t-shirt with a print inspired by our very own Philippine Flag.

Asked if the champ is trying to send some sort of a message upon wearing the shirt, Mayweather simply answered, "I'm not trying to send any message," and added, "I love every country. It's always the U.S. first, but I love the Philippines, I love Japan, I love Africa. I love all countries."

Eventhough that most of the Filipino's are in favor of the 'Pambansang Kamao' on this fight, we still can't stop other Filipino's too to love this man. Well as for me, you can not really judge a person by the way he shows in public so I believe that the Champ truly loves the Philippines and with that, you got a thumbs up.

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Image From: twitter/MayweatherPromo
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