Today is the start of vacation and last day of March 2015, many netizen are now busy making their time useful on vacation specially when it comes to funny things. I know that you already saw the picture of the mascott of Jollibee before and after in Facebook but today! hashtag #PrayForJollibee is trending.

Why #PrayForJollibee Twitter hashtag trending?

Why #PrayForJollibee is trending?

Maybe because young netizen are no longer busy with their studies, that's why they created this hashtag just for fun. Even me, when I saw the photo of mascott's 'before and after' with a caption of "Lung cancer Stage 4 #PrayForJollibee," you're really get hooked to it.

Here's are some of tweets under #PrayForJollibee hashtag

By the way, thanks to all trendsetter who made this funny moments possible, because it's priceless.

Image From: twitter/RabaraxJules
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