Why #PrayForJollibee Twitter hashtag trending?

Today is the start of vacation and last day of March 2015, many netizen are now busy making their time useful on vacation specially when it comes to funny things. I know that you already saw the picture of the mascott of Jollibee before and after in Facebook but today! hashtag #PrayForJollibee is trending.

Why #PrayForJollibee Twitter hashtag trending?

Why #PrayForJollibee is trending?

Maybe because young netizen are no longer busy with their studies, that's why they created this hashtag just for fun. Even me, when I saw the photo of mascott's 'before and after' with a caption of "Lung cancer Stage 4 #PrayForJollibee," you're really get hooked to it.

Here's are some of tweets under #PrayForJollibee hashtag

By the way, thanks to all trendsetter who made this funny moments possible, because it's priceless.

Image From: twitter/RabaraxJules

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