Businessman Rey Pamaran had finally made up his mind and sued Melissa Mendez this Wednesday, March 25, 2015. The incident started inside the Cebu Pacific airplane where the veteran actress was offloaded.

Rey Pamaran sued Melissa Mendez for Slander

Pamaran filed charges for slander by deed at the Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office today and is seeking P3 million in damages for the said issue involving him and friend Andrew Wolf.

FYI! Slander is the act of making a negative or false voice statement to other person. In law, the word slander is contrasted with libel, which is the act of making a false written statement about someone,

Mr. Pamaran said he wouldn't be filing charges against the actress if she just told the whole truth in her public apology thru her Instagram account.

He said he wont be filing any charges, "on the condition that you set the records straight using the truth and nothing else but the whole truth through a genuine public apology."

He also asked Mendez to do a Televised Public Apology and tell the whole truth via national TV.

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