Who would have thought that a Mother can do such a thing to a 2-month old baby. The news was arise when the NAIA Police detected the backpack containing the baby when she put it through the airport scanner.

25-year-old Mother hides her sleeping baby in a backpack at NAIA

A 25-year-old single Mother was caught at Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminal 1 when trying to smuggle her own son out of the country.

The Baby was fast asleep inside a backpack. It was Manila International Airport Authority assistant general manager for security and emergency services, Vicente L. Guerzon Jr. who identified the Mother of the baby, Jenifer Pavolaurea, Papua New Guinean and a nursing graduate.

She was a departing passenger of Air Niugini, which was scheduled to depart for Port Moresby at 11 p.m. today.

Though Pavolaurea commited such mistake, she was still allowed to depart for Papua New Guinea. She was not charge anything from her wrong act.

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Image From: abs-cbnnews.com
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