Post was made by the admins of Mich Liggayu Facebook fan page confirmed that the official Facebook page of 'Jamich' has been hacked. The Youtube couple sensation Jamich Official Facebook Fan Page Hacked!

Youtube Sensation Jamich Official Facebook Fan Page Hacked

Admins said, "Announcement. Gusto lang po namin ipaalam na March 13, 2015 nahack ang Official Jamich Page. Hindi pa rin namin siya maretrieve up to now. Lahat po ng updates about Mich ay dito ipopost sa page na ito. Wala po kami idea kung sino ang may hawak ngaun ng Jamich Page. Salamat po. - Admins."

Announcement:Gusto lang po namin ipaalam na March 13, 2015 nahack ang Official Jamich page. Hindi pa din namin sya...
Posted by Mich Liggayu on Wednesday, March 25, 2015
As of this moment, the allegedly hacked account already gained 5,915,827 likes. If I am to asked the said account don't seem like it was hacked for the posted statuses from the date it was said to be hacked is still related to the couple.

This controversy made different reactions from their fans all over the country. Below are few of the comments posted on a status posted at Jamich Fanpage saying, "This page is dedicated for Jam's memories."

Aya Macuja said, "Stupid alibis of the Liggayu family. Pati pag-uutak tuloy ng fans naging stupid na rin. Haha. How can you possibly hack a facebook page without hacking the owner's personal account first? Kung account pa ni Mich ang nahack saka hinack ang page dun maniniwala ako. Hahaha"

Grace Khate Lopez-Acebes said, "if this page is hacked to protect all memories,pictures,events of jamich..then better kesa ideactivate or worst madelete for personal purposes...bsta wag nlng ggmitin s msama... "

Lhyn Roxas, "I don't believe this is hack."

Kenylen Sumilang Mutia said, "This page obviously hack. Maniwala tau kay Mich. Pancnin nio mga post nila puro papansin ang dating like ito "this page is for jams memories. Lahat nmn tau alm n s Jamich to, need pba svhin un. Hoy hacker,I don't know what is your intention by hacking this page but your such an idiot."

Thelma B. Wenceslao, "Anu kya nppla ng mga msasamang tao.. Pag nmatay k n masama xmpre masama ang mggng memories mo. Pero kung mbuti kang tao at nmatay mmhalin k ng tao kht ptay kn..gaya n jam wala n xa pero mdmi ngmmhal sknya... Jamich 4ever"

For a brief, Michelle Liggayu is the fiancee of the late 'Jhamville Sebastian' who died because of Lung Cancer, they were one the few so-called Youtube sensation who happens to be real-life sweethearts.

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Image From: Facebook/ilovejamich
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