It seems that it's not just we Filipino's who are inspired by the humbleness and goodness of our beloved Pambansang Kamao - Manny Pacquiao, but also some Hollywood actor like Miles Teller.

Hollywood actor inspired by Manny Pacquiao

The 28-year-old American actor and musician who has new movie called "Bleed for This," where Teller transformed into a fighting machine to play Vinny Paz in the boxer’s biopic.

He said in one of his interviews, "A guy like Manny Pacquiao you just watch and get mesmerized by how good he is." Teller is also the lead character in the upcoming movie "Insurgent."

Teller even joke regarding his movie, saying that, "It’s mostly Shailene beating me up, yeah, don't show those to Manny. I don’t think they’re too exciting."

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Image From: Youtube/TFCBalitangAmerica
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