Finally, Pop star actress Sarah Geronimo sings the theme song of the Disney Princess franchise "The Glow." The three-minute video was uploaded to Youtube by Disney Channel Asia. You may watch the video below.

WATCH: Sarah Geronimo sings Disney Princess franchise song 'The Glow'

According to the Pop star, there are also other versions of the song localized for Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. It was recorded by their local artists.

The Glow song was originally performed by English singer Shannon Saunders and debuted in 2011, according to ABS-CBN News.

If you think that this is the first time of Sarah to performed a Disney tune, you're wrong! because last April, in a licensed performance for "ASAP," Geronimo sang the 2013 box-office hit "Frozen" on ASAP 19 stage.

Watch Sarah Geronimo sing "The Glow" (Full Music Video)

Video From: Youtube/Disney Channel Asia

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Image From: Youtube/Disney Channel Asia
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