Are you afraid on a black spider? Do you have a arachnophobia? the fear of spiders and other arachnids such as scorpions. Well, please don't afraid because on this video, it is only a simple spider prank where the magic comes alive.

Woman extremely screaming 'I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT' on a Black Spider Prank

On the video clip embedded below, the magician asked the right hand of the woman to put the mobile phone on it. After that, the phone displayed the small black spider walking around on the screen whenever the magician waves his hand upward and downward.

But suddenly the black spider won't shown up anymore, so the magician did, he took off the phone on the woman's hand, he ask to turn her hand downward, Shockingly! the small black spider was there and the woman started to shout "I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT" in many times.

The small spider looks real if you watch the video below but I think he will not put the real one on GloZell's hand.

The video clip was from the episode of Chris Ballinger's Magic Mondays, according to video description. The prank victim was known as "GloZell." The video was uploaded on Nov 3, 2014 and garnered already a 724,844 views on Youtube.

Watch the Magic Prank for GloZell - "I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT"

Video From: Youtube/Chris Ballinger

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Image From: Youtube/Chris Ballinger
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