The father and son tandem makeshift jam session in the kitchen. You will never know what happen next when the son played his intrument, it was totally hilarious sound trip.

WATCH: Father and Son alone in the kitchen (Video)

The 15-second video clip already received a huge views over the social networking site Facebook. In just a couple of days a whopping three million Facebook users have watched 'Dad and Toby,' and the video has gone viral.

It was a quick performance version of Freaks by Timmy Trumpet and Savage, which included to top ten hit in Australia.

Watch here the father and son or should we call them 'Dad and Toby' kitchen's performance.

Video From: Youtube/bauerbirds

You may download the original Freaks - Single by Timmy Trumpet and Savage on Apple "iTunes."

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Image From: Youtube/ bauerbirds
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