Wish granted for the 90-year-old Filipina fan after playing one-on-one basketball with NBA star Dwyane Wade. The Miami Heat star was sincere when accommodating Grandma Nelly's dream game.

WATCH: 90-year-old Filipina Wish Granted by NBA Star Dwyane Wade

The 32-year-old former NBA MVP and the point and shooting guard of Miami gave the unforgettable basketball game experience to her Filipina fan as a birthday gift.

Because on October 9, 2014, Grandma Nelly Magtoto posted a challenged video on micro-blogging networking site while saying "Dwyane Wade, on my 90 birthday, I want a play one on one with you."

So Dwyane Wade accepted the challenge with gratefulness in his heart, and he was very thankful in that moment, because the one-on-one game with Grandma Nelly Magtoto was truly different from other basketball game.

Watch the wonderful basketball experienced of Grandma Nelly with Dwyane Wade:

Video From: Youtube/Miami HEAT

The uploaded video on Youtube has gone viral and already have more than 255,000 views since it was posted on October 21, 2014 to official Miami HEAT account.

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Image From: Youtube/Miami HEAT
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