Another singing sensation is having it's round through out the internet today. The young blind girl who sung one of Mariah Carey's hit song from the 90's caught everones attention in a mall.

WATCH: Blind Pinay belts out Mariah Carey hit

The girl who was tagged as Katchry Jewel Golbin and also know as "Alienette Coldfire" in some social media site as Facebook, has gained 2,603 Followers including me, as of writing this post.

Youtube user Jeff Alagar who posted the video describe the posted clip as, We had to look twice as the video started because it was so good I thought she was lip syncing. But this is all genuine vocals coming from this little gem."

Let's watch the amazing blind Filipina Girl sings like Mariah Carey!

Video From: Youtube/Jeff Alagar

Well I do understand him, 'cause if you really have listen to this girl's voice you'll know how beautiful she sings. I even get this goosebumps all over my body.

Reference Source: Link
Image From: Youtube/Jeff Alagar
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