The report was first published by Huzlers website that NASA allegedly confirmed that Earth will experience 6 days total darkness in December and it will happen from the 16th (Tuesday) up to the 22nd (Monday) of the said month.

6 Days Darkness in December 2014′ is Fake

But the said article is a repetitive old Internet hoax, the "NASA confirmed six days of  total darkness” in December is fake," according to the Epoch Times.

In fact, every year there's a rumors saying that on December there will be 3 days of darkness and obviously the "rumors will always remain a rumor" if not totally proven scientifically.

However, the Huzlers website posted an article saying that there will be 6 days of darkness and referred it to NASA statement.
"WORLDWIDE - NASA has confirmed that the Earth will experience 6 days of almost complete darkness and will happen from the dates Tuesday the 16 – Monday the 22 in December. The world will remain, during these three days, without sunlight due to a solar storm, which will cause dust and space debris to become plentiful and thus, block 90% sunlight."
There's this another website named "Snopes", telling that there's no three-day blackout or darkness and "the universe is not about to realign in December 2014."

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