The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently investigating the giant coffee company, according to Huzlers. The allegedly news about the semen found in Starbucks product was first published by the above mentioned site.

WHAT? Semen Found in Starbucks Drinks Nationwide?

The site reported that "FDA is currently trying to find out where the semen is coming from," whether its from human or animal? infected or not?

But this information is really hard to believe, how on earth they come up with this kind of story?

"We can not believe this," said by FDA inspector Jamison Fields, "this is distressful, if i wished to digest semen I would personally only do homosexual pornography, who’ve understood I happened to be eating semen through Starbucks," as what Huzlers reported.

According to the Snopes site the alleged "semen samples" found in Starbucks Drink is not true! This is another shocking and satirical news that is making a noise over the internet.

In the previous Huzlers hoax posted here, they posted about the "6 days total darkness in December 2014", and they referred it to NASA to make it more reliable news.

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Image From: Pinterest/ Thaisa
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