Do you want to fly to the red planet 'MARS'? but there's a catch, NASA will allow only your name to fly on ORION'S flight test on December 4-6, 2014. It is a space exploration program on Mars via the Orion spacecraft and future space missions.

NASA Free tickets to Mars - Fly your Name to Mars

How to get Free Ticket?

You have to visit Mars.Nasa site and follow the guide to get your free ticket. The registration form there needs to be fill-up by your Name, Country, Postal Code, and Email Address.

After you submit your data, you'll receive a personalized "flight ticket" that can be printed and put it on a picture frame like the one posted below.

NASA Free tickets to Mars

You personal data will be saved in a microchip produced by NASA, it will be carried aboard to Orion spacecraft and will be left permanently on the Martian surface.

It's a good thing to know that NASA wants to show their MARS exploration project to the public. And because this is exciting interactions to the people, definitely many of them will participate here.

NASA free ticket to Mars and GET YOUR NAME on the red planet will be last on October 31, 2014. So submit now your Name and other personal information before its too late.

As of writing this post, there are a total 219,308 boarding passes submitted.

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