South Korea - The MNET's Superstar K season 6 announced the official top 8 finalist on Friday, Oct. 17. The South Korean television talent show series 6 has eliminated the three contestants in the previous episode.

Good Filipino group MICA enters Top 8 MNET's Superstar K Season 6

The Foxstar, Lee Hae-na and Lim Do-hyeok are all remove from the talent show. Leaving only the 8 successful contestants for the next episode of the Superstar K6.

And we are happy to announced that one Kpop group from the Philippines has been entered to the top 8 finalist. Actually, they got eliminated from the show in September, but because of the wild card selection, they got their second chance to win again.

The MICA group was consists of four sisters, namely as  Mylene (23), Irene (25), Celina (20), Almira (27), formerly known as Gollayan sisters. They're originally came from Santiago City, Isabela.

The Good Filipino siblings are reminded of their past while rehearsing and studying the lyrics of the song.

Mica said, "We got more touched when we know the meaning of the lyrics, which is saying goodbye to someone who loves you, and it's just so touching and so beautiful. It feels that it's just like our story," as reported by ABS-CBN News.

The Top 8 Contestants are:

1.Jang Woo-ram
2.Buster Lead
3.MICA (Gollayan sisters)
4.Song Yu-bin
5.Lee Jun-hee
6.Brian Park
7.Kwak Jin-eon
8.Kim Pil

Superstar K6 winner will receive 500,000,000 won worth of prizes and benefits, 300,000,000 won in cash prize, and 200,000,000 won for record producing.

The elimination process are based on the text message votes and online votes, if you wish that our kababayan to win this battle, please don't hesitate to vote for them.

Meanwhile, Superstar K6 premiered on 22 August 2014 on Mnet network and aired every Friday night at 11PM KST, according to Wikipedia.

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Image From: MNET Superstar K
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